Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fun with my kids

Recipe for Chocolate Chip Pie by Katrina
1 big cup of milk
1 cup tomato chips
1 cup chocolate chips
and then your done.

Yesterday, she asked me if I love Alex more than her. I had asked for a hug while looking at him...but then she came around the corner and gave me one. I mentioned that I had been talking to Alex. She didn't seem sad or upset...more just curious. So we talked about how I love them the same because they are both my kids...but different because they are both different people. I asked her last night if I love Alex more than her...she had the right answer.

Alex is our chico lechuga. We were sitting at Chipotle on Friday night, and he was flirting with 3 sisters...all of whom were older than he. He barely ate he was so preoccupied with them. Look out!

He is showing signs of readiness for potty training...so we are starting slowly. No pressure, but taking advantage of his desire to be like the rest of us.

Last night, Katrina looked at me as she laid in bed and said "I want to stay with you forever!" I'm guessing she won't feel that way forever, so it meant a lot!

Thanks God for my two sweet, wonderful children! Help me cherish each day with them. Please allow me to see them grow into fully devoted Christ followers.


At 9:30 AM, Blogger Sherrie said...

Kids are absolutely just cool gifts!

In the book Heaven, the author says that all the good things on earth are reflections of what is in heaven ... He called us children but for us to understand He gives us kids.

I want to go make a chocolate chip pie recipe today to bring joy to my Heavenly Father's heart!

Love ya!


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