Monday, March 19, 2007

My view from Vista

Well, thanks to the tireless efforts of my sweet man, I am now a happy early adopter. :) Yup, I'm running Windows Vista and Office 2007. I like being on the cutting edge. Generally my budget does not allow it, but I'm thankful to be running great software.

So, the fun little things....
I have this swell little slideshow on the side of my desktop which comes randomly from my pictures folder. It pulls up fun memories...and sometimes prompts me to pray for people who have passed out of my life for whatever reason.

I used Powerpoint 2007 to update my teaching slides. I have several that are more visually stimulating thanks to SmartArt.

Also, not only do I have the RSS feeds I had before, but now I have a little box on my desktop that gives me the latest headlines...including from my buddies' blogs. Now, of course this doesn't work for the 4 of you who choose not to use RSS. I promise SF, I always go to the pages and read them there with all the color and everything. I don't like to find that I've missed keeping up with you crazy 4 people. But I digress. I now have more reason to cancel the paper. But I keep avoiding it.

I've got this great To-Do bar in Outlook that tells me at a glance a few of my upcoming appointments. :)

On the difficult side of early adoption...or really upgrading at that it usually takes longer than you think and something gets lost. I've taken this in stride...its part of being on the edge. So, I've lost my .pst from before. I can't throw back any emails prior to 3/9, but oh well. I hope no one is offended by my lack of response. I lost my favorites, so I'm missing the links to my certification research sites. Of course, I have been far from motivated to do it, so I guess I deserve that.

Happily I am receiving email at both my ev and my hotmail accounts.

Thanks to my favorite geek for all the hard work! I can't wait to dig deeper and find more fun from Uncle Bill and Co.


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