Tuesday, January 30, 2007

less than a week

Saturday morning I teach my first lactation class. I'm still working on my certification, but I feel confident in my knowledge. So, how to stay on track while teaching for 3 straight hours. I've been honing my powerpoint. The other interesting question is how I will do promoting this extremely healthy and normal method of feeding babies in mixed company.

Our society is one that is so full of sexual images. Women are definitely beautiful, but the emphasis on the female anatomy as sexual makes it a challenge for some folks to see that the female breast was created to feed her infant. I've always been modest, but I was also raised in a home where we were free to talk about our questions. I hope that makes for just the right mix for teaching this class.

One of the biggest roadblocks I see to women and breastfeeding is our individualistic society. I have actually heard several people in the last week mention this aspect of our society negatively...which was interesting. I see many women are anxious to be separated from thier children. Parenthood is indeed a shock to the system. I'm not saying that working outside the home is wrong...but I just see that even moms who are home are still looking for ways to be without their baby. I remember this feeling...and still have it sometimes. In other cultures, would this be a problem? Would women feel the need to leave their baby for a while just to get away? I don't know for sure, but I get the impression that this is cultural in so many cases.

How do I affect our society...where our culture touts bottles and women's bodies are seen as simply eye candy? I keep wondering, after I get some more experience, if teaching a basic lactation class in a health or biology course wouldn't do more to affect society than teaching pregnant women. Problem is adolescent boys...they need to be informed, but can they handle the topic? I spose about as well as they handle other biological topics.

Well, changing society takes time...and really my main focus needs to be "how will I stay on track...and not ramble for 3 hours?" this week.


At 10:09 PM, Blogger Emily said...

I love you! you are insightful and passionate about the work God has given you. i've been praying about the lactation certification and am glad to hear that the hospital is ok with you starting to teach while it's still in the works.

i am confident that God will use you in accomplishing His purpose in the lives of those you teach/touch through this class. He continues to mold you into such a beautiful vessel! i will continue to pray for the completion of the certification, that circumstances would come about in a way to allow you the time, energy, and desire to finish.

Love to hear how the class went. (i know i know, this from someone who can't seem to post about major events in her own life! the test went well. more soon.) love- emily


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