Saturday, December 30, 2006

Odds and Ends

Well, Christmas has come and gone. We had nice days with both sides of the family with our own little family celebration squeezed in between. The kids got lots of toys and videos. Roger got 2 Xbox he's been busy. I finally got to watch part of my Jane Eyre miniseries last night while Roger was writing letters of recommendation for a student.

I got some cool new CDs...or at least I assume they are cool since our XBOX 360 is the only thing that plays CDs nowadays...our crazy stereo isn't I haven't really gotten to listen to them. If only I could remember to take them out to the car.

We had another comedy of errors the other day when we ended up with both car batteries dead. :P Gotta laugh about it. Needless to say, we are indebted to our neighbor for his help.

Through all this snow, I've had to cancel my playgroup twice. This is a huge bummer to me! I enjoy meeting with the ladies and seeing them grow as moms. I also enjoy being paid. I know my job is a gift from God, and that particularly the Nov/Dec session is a gift since it wasn't scheduled until just a week or two before it started. As I look ahead to the next session...starting on Friday...I only have 4 people registered. That's a stark contrast to the 12+ I had last time. There are benefits to a smaller long as they all show up. I will have some ladies from this past group making up sessions, so it won't be small til later, I'm guessing. May God bring the right ladies.

I'm still working on my certification for teaching lactation. I have some big projects left, and I am somehow going to need to get myself some quiet time to get it done. The research papers still feel daunting to me. I'm not worried about the writing...I'm worried about the research. I've always hated research. :P I also need a topic for one research paper. Kind of important for getting started.

Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas!


At 2:14 PM, Blogger DenverSop said...

A Jane Eyre miniseries?! Oooo!! I may have to borrow that.... :-)


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