Saturday, January 13, 2007

That is so early 90s

Well, its amazing I'm sure, but we don't have cable or satellite tv. We're just plain broadcast folks. We don't have the $$ to spend on it...and we really don't need more media time. I don't hate TV...and I know I'd find tons to watch...but I guess we just don't need more to worry about. I read a lot...even about tv and movies, so I can at least have an idea what's going on. Its funny because Katrina still doesn't get the idea of commercials.

Well, we got a new TV and its digital. The clarity is so great. No snow! But until they get the digital tower on Lookout mountain, we have challenges with low digital strength whenever our neighbor gets up and moves. If only he would stay still on Saturday mornings and during the football games. I guess I shouldn't request it though.

"Excuse me, could you sit still, so we can watch tv next door?"


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