Saturday, January 27, 2007

Thwarted again

I was excited last night to be headed to my CPR class. I've been trying to take it for about 6 months. Roger was running late, so I got to kiss him on my way out the door. Ran by MickeyDs and decided to take University up toward the hospital. It looked like I was going to be a little late. I couldn't remember which room it was in, so I left a message for my bosses.

Well, I was almost to DU on University...its got pretty narrow lanes, so I'm trying to stay in mine when I see a pothole. I try to avoid it while staying in my lane. This pothole was big enough to swallow a whole car. I hit it, and immediately I wondered if I made it out. Well, my car sounded funny, so I took a right on Iliff and then unable to find someplace safe to stop, I took a right on Josephine...the first side street. I put on my hazards and get out...

Pancake does not even describe how flat the tire was.

I have 10 minutes til class. Maybe Roger can get there and help me, and I'll only be a half hour late. I call him. He loads up the kids and heads out to find me. I notice a scrape-off surrounded by a big fence. It seems like the only good place to get out of the street.

What can I do while Roger is coming? I get out and get the donut out. Easy enough. Where do I put it? there is ice and snow under the car...and mud. So, I put it in the front seat. Then the jack. Why can't I get the jack out? If my man wasn't around, I'd need to do this, so I'm determined. I talk to him again on the phone. I get it out just before he arrives...triumph. We'll get this done quickly, and I'll be off to my class.

He arrives, and so I go hang out with the kids to keep them company in the car. Things seem to be going fine until he tries to take the tire off. It won't budge. Roger is no wimp...why won't it come off? He tries and tries. I know I won't do any better. We call his dad...wondering if there is something different to know about Hondas. He gives us some ideas. Still no movement. Roger gets out the car this point, its 6pm...I'm already an hour late for my class...and the realization comes. I'm not going to make it to my class. *sigh*

I call and leave a message for my bosses. Dejected, frustrated, resigned. The kids haven't eaten yet. Its dark. We head for Wendys which is a block or two away. Everyone gets refreshed, and we drive back. Another half hour, and Roger gets it all taken care of. The donut is on, and we head back home.

Since University is busy, we head down the side street a couple of blocks to where we know there is a stoplight. The sidestreets are HORRIBLE. I have been four-wheeling, and really I've never felt worse, ruts and bumps. Just as we are about to turn, Roger puts on his hazards. He gets out. The donut has come off the rim.

This is why we have 2 Hondas. Roger quickly changes his donut for mine. He calls his mom for extra prayer that we make it the half block to University and all the way home on this donut.

Finally, home! Its 8pm. My class should be finishing up. And I'm home...still not certified...but perhaps certifiable.


At 12:40 PM, Blogger Sherrie said...

I admire your acceptance of being 'thwarted' ... I think that it would have been the straw breaking this "i'm sooo over this snow" camel's back!! :~) Glad you're all safe and home to write about it!

At 8:22 PM, Blogger DenverSop said...

Wow! What an adventure! And with the kids!


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