Tuesday, December 12, 2006


On the 2nd we went Christmas tree hunting. We have got it down to a science as far as what to bring and how to dress. We were set. What we still need to figure out is how to transport the kids in the snow. They have outgrown the backpack...or Trina has at least. We had them in snowpants, and had them on the new sled we bought...but the combo of plastic sled and slippery clothes and mittens meant that Katrina kept slipping off the back. Roger was VERY frustrated. In the end, he went off hunting, and I sat in the snow with the kids. We sang Christmas songs. Then, he came back, pointed out the tree he liked, and I trudged over to it. I liked it (thank you Lord), so he went back and cut it while I piled the kids back into the car. The kids loved seeing Smokey Bear, Santa, and the fire truck! The tree looks great in our living room...now 10 days later I need to actually decorate it.


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