Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Its time again...

to start thinking about what you are thankful for...because someone like me will bring it up at the dinner table, and if you haven't thought about it, you might stumble to come up with something genuine. Also, consider to whom you are thankful ...because for some reason it has become easy to forget that the one and only God of the Universe is who you should be addressing your thankfulness too.

I don't have room for an exhaustive list...here are a few of mine.

I'm thankful my husband's job. He excels at it. His coworkers respect and appreciate him. Sometimes I think he even likes it. Because of it, I am able to spend my days nurturing our children. Go Huskies!

I'm thankful for my job. God's timing is perfect...despite me. I am blessed to love new moms and give them a listening ear.

I'm thankful for a home. I've now lived in this home longer than all but one (and that one was 13 full time plus 4 part time). God has opened my heart to my neighbors, given us two beautiful children, helped me through loss of a child in utero, and just given me a safe place to be.

I'm thankful that God is growing in me an appreciation for little boys through my rough and tumble little man Alex. His life and way of looking at things is growing me into a better person.

I'm thankful for my sweet husband and that he is now more emotionally healthy than I remember seeing him. Marriage at 10 years is even better than it was at 1 year.

I'm thankful that my sweet Katrina asked Jesus to come into her heart this year. How amazed I am at the Holy Spirit's goodness...that he would move in the heart of one so young to trust Jesus to take care of her sins through his shed blood on the cross.

Yes, Lord, I am thankful to you for all of these things and so many more...good health, a wonderful church family, family, friends, dark chocolate M&Ms...

From the smallest to the greatest...that you extended grace and mercy to me at age 5 and continue to each and every day... I don't have words or tears enough to communicate it. Thanks for knowing my heart.


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