Monday, December 11, 2006

Comedy of Errors...

(the next couple of posts have been in my head in the last few weeks, but are just now making it on screen)
Friday the 1st we had a date night! Hooray! The singles/college ministries were having a parent's night out as a fundraiser. Well, we dropped off the kids, and headed out. We had decided to see The Nativity at the Continental...which is just off the new light rail line. Roger and I both wanted to ride it, but I was afraid that we might be late to the movie. Roger assured me we would be fine.
Well, we went over the highway and got to the boarding area...but what we didn't realize was that it was the 1st night of the annual Parade of Lights which meant the trains were running slow and they were very full! As we stood outside waiting, I was glad I still had my ear cover and gloves in my coat. It was an icy night. We got on the train...but had to stand due to the large crowd. I get motion sickness, so this wasn't the fun experience I was hoping for...the dark and the standing made me long for our stop. Well, we got off the train and walked under the highway...just a quick block to the movie. We made it in time.
The movie is terrific! You should see it!
After the movie, we were anxious to get back and get our kids as it was past their bedtime. We checked the schedule and just a minute or two later, a train came. We were so cold, we didn't check which train it was. It took off...and then we realized it was the wrong train. AAAA!!! We got off at the next stop, and figured we would be able to get a train directly to our stop from there. Come to find out on the schedule that that train doesn't run late. We ended up going all the way back to the station by the movie theater.
Then, we had to wait a while. We got on the train, and someone at the front was leading Christmas caroles. I was in the middle of the train, and he enlisted my help to direct the back half of the car. I kept saying that Roger should do it...since he can actually direct music, but the man said my pink gloves were needed. Sad to say, the back half of the car didn't not really get into it.
We arrived back to pick up the kids 15 minutes late. We paid the singles handsomely...and with our Susan B Anthony dollars...none the less. It was a fun day...although a little stressful. Just yesterday Roger mentioned the lightrail again. I said "in the spring". I'm not anxious to try that on a cold night anytime soon.


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