Sunday, October 29, 2006


The week with Roger home flew by! I'm bummed that he won't be here tomorrow morning. I am very thankful for his job, however.

So, I had Wednesday off. I went shopping. I really don't like to shop...and I don't like to do it alone, but it was nice to have a longer amount of time to do it. That night Roger and I went to see One Night with the King. I really like it. We came home afterwards and read the book of Esther. They did a good job with the main details and even some small ones.

Thursday, despite the snow storm, I drove to the hospital to observe a lactation consultant. It was really cool. Then the kids had a Halloween party at Gramma Deanie's house, so I made it in time for them to go.

Lots of busy and fun stuff for us this weekend, but it didn't look like we thought because Alex ended up with a cold, and he's popped 2 of his 4 one year molars. Sadly, that means he still has 2 left to go.

Less than 4 weeks until Thanksgiving!


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