Sunday, April 02, 2006

Discriminating Taste

I guess I don't have discriminating taste. I love a good steak, but enjoy a burger from McDonald's. I am happy with plain old pudding about as much as creme brulee. If the words are uplifting, I don't mind a repetitive chorus with only 3 chords represented in the music...and sometimes *gasp* I even like boy bands. I liked watching the Left Behind movies, although I realize they weren't the greatest. I love classic literature, and I like clean Christian romance too.

I always kind of wanted to be classy. I could imagine myself that way. But my tastes just aren't so particular that I turn down jeans and a simple shirt just to be classier. I enjoy the finer things in life, but I'm aware that that is not my realm to dwell in for the long term. And I think I'm beginning to be ok with that.


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here, here!


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