Monday, February 13, 2006


I love milk! It's so great. 2%--none of that silly skim business.

Roger just arranged our outgoing letters by zip code...why? Don't ask me!

I don't really like sandwiches. And cereal...its just not my idea of a great breakfast. i guess I see both of them as ordinary...necessary evils, but definitely not first choice on my list of foods.

It's still Monday somehow

I'm not a very careful person. And today was a particularly bad day with me spilling carrot baby food and old hot chocolate on the floor at different times. I'm also messy.

What I really want to do is play Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, but what I should do is the dishes.

My kids are really cute. I know I'm biased and all, but I'm continually amazed at how God came up with these two adorable kids and put them in MY family.

Can you tell I'm in the kitchen by all my silly food thoughts?

I really really like HOMEMADE tapioca pudding. The canned/premade stuff isn't so good, but if you have never had REAL tapioca, you have to give it a try. Its good warm and cold and especially for breakfast. I was going to make some tonight, but I finally finished my Valentine's letters instead.

I need to find a babysitter for Friday so I can go see the Second Chance.


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