Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Thoughts from my day

I wasn't a very good listener today--sorry Sherrie! I hope you met your deadline.

Ronald McDonald has gotten Mickey Mouse's, has Mickey gotten Ronald's?

I heard that the Brewery Bar has good Mexican food...but the name just doesn't lure me in.

Youth Group Dating Game was tonight. People totally miss the point of the dating game. How can the hidden person choose a bachelor or bachelorette based on answers that someone else whispered to them.

A few quotes from the night--
From a winning bachelorette "This is going to be....interesting."
From the MC "They are brother and sister...How unfortunate!"
After drawing a name out of the hat. "Mrs. Farrell" "She's Foxy!"
When Drew looks at the card with his mom's name on it "Hey, that's your handwriting"


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