Sunday, April 03, 2011

Truly popular

After watching a Beth Moore video a few weeks ago, I was driven to really think.

What kind of man does it take to attract followers who are so diverse?

A burly fisherman and a dishonest tax collector

A rabbi and a prostitute

An old man and young children

The very rich and the very poor

It amazes me that Jesus of Nazareth inspired not just the typically religious of his time, but every type of common man and woman. People flocked to him! He could hardly get away to pray...the crowds followed him around a large lake. They went without food...

What kind of man inspires a little boy to give up his lunch? I rarely give up my lunch for anything let alone anyone.

Can you imagine the diversity of humanity who was drawn to the one and only Son of God? I know by what He did for me that He is extraordinary...divine!

He can't have been milquetoast. He can't have been boring. He can't have been cheesy.

People just don't follow a man like that.

He is gentle, but in the strength of a carpenter and a king.

He is full of life...for it is from His breath that we are formed.

He laughed, He cried, He loved.

He was a man that drew attention not because He needed it but because we needed Him so very badly. How I need Him more and more!


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