Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Margin

I have a very wise husband. Not only can he help me work through things...when I ask, but keep his mouth shut when I don't...he also words things extremely well.

As I was venting to him awhile back, he said something rather profound to me.

"You live in the margin. Other people have work and so many other things to do, they are trying to find margin for relationships with friends."

This is a kind way of saying I have no life.
And it was...I didn't take offense in any way.
And it was true too.

Right now, I'm living in the margin...my whole page feels like margin, but I do have a few things. Like Directional Team...and being a youth leader...and bookclub...but really, most people are trying to fit these things into the margins of their life. And it's all I've got right now.


At 12:20 AM, Blogger DenverSop said...

It's not really ALL you've got. Last time I checked, being a homemaker was a very big and inexpressibly important job. And those things the rest of us are trying to fit into the margin... remember, those are the important things, the lasting things.


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