Saturday, March 27, 2010

How do you deal with endings?

How do you see the end of a season coming and embrace the change, when, if you had your way, it wouldn't end. Can I stick around a while longer? I'm really not ready to go yet. Would you mind if I just sat here with you? Cause I've come to need you people in my life.

And how do you deal with the end of a season that you are actually anxious to see end, but you really don't have a plan for what the next season will look like. And you have have no energy or gumption to keep going, but you know you MUST finish well?

How do you both anticipate the grand finale you know is coming and the answers it will bring and mourn the loss of the journey that has helped you learn about yourself?

Each situation is VERY different from the other...but the commonality is that there isn't anything to fill the gaps they leave behind. And more gaps will follow next year.... Oh precious God, please fill the gaps!


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