Friday, April 02, 2010


Well, God was kind to me and one ending was averted. The one I was dreading is not breathing down my neck. So, no goodbyes there. Thanks Lord!

I joined twitter, but I'm really not sure about it. I don't think I really get it yet.

I should be doing laundry. My excuse is the cookies in the oven.

Wisdom, wisdom, wisdom...please Lord give it to me. You promised you would if I asked.

Do I post too personally on here or facebook? Should I make things look like I'm always doing well?

Success...why is it that as soon as I've found some I fall flat on my face. Is success another word for pride? I mean seriously, I didn't feel like I was taking the credit. Trying to be humble but looking at my strengths honestly.

God, could you please give me a that I can contribute too.

Loving people still sucks, but I'll do it. Only because He asked.


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