Monday, January 04, 2010


God has a new job for me. It's been echoing in my heart for months now.

Be present!

Be present in the moment you are in: don't keep checking your phone, don't compose your next status, don't look ahead to a new house or new job or new phase so much.

Be present in the lives of your family: Get off the computer often when they want to play. Focus on what they are saying. Give them eye contact, face time, and let them know that you are really there.

Be present with your friends: let them know you care about them with your words and your attention. Don't get distracted by the other things you need to do and forget to call them, spend time with them, and hear their hearts.

Be present with Me: immerse yourself in My Word, focus while you pray and while you sing worship songs, and don't spend so much time trying to "escape" the life and plans I have for you right now. Enjoy this moment I've given you; it's a present!


At 8:28 AM, Blogger Emily said...


Funny, but last night I was watching the Dog Whisperer on Animal Planet. [Do you know him? A man named Cesar Milan who comes and helps people in problem situations with dogs... he is amazing.] Last night he repeated more than usual one of his 'mantras' (paraphrased) "Dogs only live in the present, they are only living in the right now. We try to attach all the baggage of their past and all the expectations of the future but they are only capable of being in the present. We should try it! We'd all be happier!"


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