Saturday, August 29, 2009


Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I know the main reason I went to China. I don't take that lightly because for many of my friends, it is not as clear. I went to China to tell Bessie that God loves her.

I love Bessie so much that I can't describe it. From the moment I knew she was going to be my teaching assistant, I just wanted to be with her. I'm not sure how to describe was just instantaneous! Even the first night, as we walked together toward the Sichuan cultural center, I just wanted to be with her. Someone else spirited her away...and I still had a great time that night...but over the course of the next two weeks being with Bessie was my priority.

Bessie did not grow up with any belief system or religion. And as I learned from our camp director, believing in God is even more difficult for the Chinese than believing in Jesus...generally. But Bessie was interested. I didn't preach to her...but she did go to Bible study with me. I loved her! I loved her whenever I could. And she loved me. This connection was not just natural, but supernatural.

In the end, she said I was like an older sister to her. And there was no higher compliment for me. Just thinking that I may not get hold her hand again makes me cry. God made such an amazing special person in Bessie. I'm counting on HIM to make sure I get to hold her hand on the other side!


At 3:12 PM, Blogger Mellifluous said...

2 years later...Bessie opened her heart to God. I know someday I will see her again...whether here or there.


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