Saturday, May 23, 2009

Marketing works....

So, I have a LOST widget on my page. And those people at ABC are the Lost season closes, they stuck an ad for another show on the widget. At first I was kind of irritated...this is my LOST widget...but their marketing worked. (The weird part is that this show isn't even on ABC...but it is made by ABC studios)

The show they were advertising was Legend of the Seeker, and the ad was like a 5 minute recap of the season. So, I started watching...and it filled my story void. I may not know how LOST will start next season, but now I have something else to watch.

Legend of the Seeker is based on some books by Terry Goodkind. And I'm already planning a trip to the library to pick up the first book. And I've watched 8 episodes so far this week. So, their little scheme worked. I'm hooked...but the season finale is I won't catch up by then. If I had no children, I might try...but then, what would fill my story void?

Only 84 more days til Broncos football!


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