Friday, July 24, 2009

Heading out

I'm heading out in a few hours. I'm in denial...I don't think it has hit me yet that I'm actually going to China. Wow!

One of the crazy things about being gone is that I am not often gone. I am a firm believer in being committed to things, so I'm rarely not the normal places. I go to church even when its not convenient. I wish I did that for the best reasons, but I think a lot of my reason is I hate to miss out.

This next few weeks I'll miss a pool party, Water World, Gramma day, 2:12, MNF and Tim's first Sunday as our new youth pastor, elevation, Colorado Day, marriage matters, and my husband's 20 year reunion. And I hate to miss stuff. I hate to not be there for the inside joke. I worry that I'll be gone and no one will notice. I'm afraid of being forgotten.

And as my friend said, "its only 17 days" And that's what I need to think. Its not that long...only 17 days.

Obviously what I miss will be made up for in obeying God and seeing Him use me in miraculous ways that are totally beyond me. I'm so very excited! But really, I'm still in denial.

the more tired I get...the more I'm signing off for now! TTL


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