Tuesday, October 09, 2007

True Orange and Blue

I've been a Denver Broncos fan from birth. And I'm raising two little Broncos fans...as well as converting my non-sports husband to watching the games with me. When Alex got a Broncos shirt, Katrina asked where hers was....that's my girl!

Now I go through seasons of life when I am die-hard watch every game, and when I'm just following the scores, but I'm true orange and blue. Right now, I've been following the team from training camp, and I watched or listened to at least part of every game.

Well, Sunday was really demoralizing, but I didn't change shirts before heading off to church. But as much as I wanted the team to at least get one touchdown before the end, I found myself leaving the TV, but listening on KOA. It was so painful that it was hard to watch. I don't blame anyone for leaving that game early...

I do blame people for booing. Now, that's just not cool! I may yell at the TV when someone misses a tackle or fumbles, but no booing, people. That's not team spirit. I was a fan before the rosy Super Bowl years, so I remember hard seasons, but if you are going to boo, than send me your tickets, and I'll go support the team.

Brandon Marshall was quoted as having harsh words for Broncos fans....and while I agree somewhat with what he said, I also think Brandon doesn't really see the whole of Broncos Country. There are a lot of us out here who love our team, win or lose...even to that magnitude. It's called loyalty...maybe a frail human try at unconditional love...but loyalty nonetheless.


At 7:25 AM, Blogger Emily said...

Here in Chicago, Cindy and I were at first really bummed that Denver in the late game against SD wouldn't be aired so that we could get lots of pregame Bears vs. Packers stuff. I think as much as we all thought Denver would beat SD, we all thought the Bears would go down hard to Green Bay.

Well, after checking in on the scores, I've gotta admit, i too was okay with NOT watching the Denver game. And, much to everyone's surprise (or dismay, if north of the IL/WI border) the Bears actually BEAT Green Bay. Mind you, Green Bay helped them win. Bears couldn't've done it without them. Still, it was an exciting game with a victorious outcome, and a great distraction from the horror at Mile Hi.

And, just to add insult to injury, the next day waiting for the train I'm glancing through the sports coverage, and in perusing the NFL recap chart, my eyes find DENVER... and there, right there in black and white print, it says "W 41-3 vs. San Diego". OH! my little heart swelled with hope- i'd read it wrong on our very blurry TV! it WAS all just a bad dream! But no- there, next to SAN DIEGO was also listed "W 41-3 vs. Denver". And the summaries made it crystal clear which one was correct. *Sigh*

Chargers couldn't've waited ONE more week before getting their act back together?

In a weird twist, one of the TDs Chicago scored was from a former Bronco quarterback to a former Bronco receiver. *shrug* You get the mountains, we get Brian Griese and Desmond Clark? That just doesn't seem fair.

Let's trade.


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