Saturday, September 22, 2007

customer satisfaction

Well, payday was this week, so after a hiatus, I'm back to shopping. And I don't envy retail employees... I need to be more aware when I get really good service, and actually stop and fill out a comment card or say thanks even. I don't know why I expect more, but here are a few of my disappointments this weekend.

  • The Best Frozen Yogurt shop sign said it had White Chocolate Mousse...then claimed to be out of it....and after I went back outside to find out what else Roger wanted, I came in and they found some.
  • Also, I asked for kiddie size and ended up with small...which is more expensive.
  • No carrying tote or lids for said yogurt
  • Target doesn't stock Women's Broncos shirts!!!!
  • TacoBell employee didn't type in my credit card amount right, so I have to go back to the store to get my two dollars.

OK... so these aren't horrible...and on the flip side

  • The Yogurt shop employee did help me carry my purchases outside
  • The lady at US Toys smiled and seemed happy

Its funny that I've become accustomed to the employee at Qdoba helping me to my table with my food...because when no one did I was kind of sad. Its nice to expect people to go above and beyond. Its even nicer when they meet or exceed those expectations.


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