Monday, October 16, 2006

Missing my prolactin

I've been feeling more stressed in the last few months. I've had a lot of changes which I think contribute...close friends moving away, taking on leadership responsibilities in Marriage Matters, starting my first job since having my kiddos, studying to become a lactation educator. Add in that Alex is moving toward only 1 nap a day, and everything seems busier and crazier. I feel like I am less patient, and sadly, I raise my voice more than I used to...

Interestingly, my studies of lactation have shown me yet another change since July. I weaned Alex, and I am no longer experiencing the wonderful affects of prolactin in the same amounts as before. This change in my hormones can actually be contributing to my stress. If I had been aware of this back in July I would have waited to wean Alex...despite the 5am feeding...just to help me get through the rest of the stress.

If you are a woman, breastfeed your kids if at all possible. If you are a man, encourage your wife to breastfeed. The benefits are pretty both baby and mom. God made the perfect food, and it wasn't a banana. It was the milk that a woman's body makes to feed her child.


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