Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Guilty until proven innocent???

If you haven't read Geek in a while, you might have missed this post I've bookmarked. (Its kind of old...he needs to update)

Well, I went to the store on Sunday to buy Motrin Children's Cold. Alex cleaned it out last time he had a cold, and I like to have it on hand in case I need it. Maybe at his age I should still be checking with the doctor before I give him anything...but when its a cold, going in to the Dr. office seems pointless. From now on, however, I think I'll at least call in to talk to a nurse. Not because I think I need to, but because getting the medicine was such a headache.

Anything that contains the traditional decongestant (aka sudafed) is now in the pharmacy. When I went to buy Motrin Cold last time, I found that out...and of course the pharmacy was closed. So, I figured I'd just pick some up since it was open. The pharmacist had to take my driver's license to his computer and input a bunch of stuff. Then he came back and I had to fill out the same information on a sheet of paper (while he still held my license). I asked about how I was supposed to get the medicine and if there were any children's alternatives to sudafed type stuff. He didn't have any for me. Then he gives me the medicine. Frustrating...but then I went and finished my shopping.

I went to self-checkout. When I rang it up, it refused to sell it to me. The computer put up a block and the cashier couldn't clear it. I finished my transaction and tried to buy it separately. Nope. Basically, you can't buy it anywhere but in the pharmacy. There's nothing like them refusing to sell you something...and making you look wrong for trying. I'm not making meth, people...I just want my kid to be able to breathe at night when he has a cold! Turns out the pharmacist knew he was supposed to have me buy it there, but didn't know that I couldn't buy it elsewhere. I wasted 15 minutes on the process.

In my opinion, they might as well make it prescription only for all the problem it was just to get some. I hate being treated like a criminal to get it...so if I can get the dr office to call it in for me, I might as well avoid the stares wondering if I'm a sicko making drugs in my basement or just a MOM!


At 7:51 PM, Blogger Sherrie said...

With meth use on the rise, trashed lives in its wake, oodles of crime to fund it, and only a 4% cure rate I must say that I'm surprised they didn't take this action a lot sooner. I agree it should just go prescription because the system they have instead looks to be far far far too painful!

At 8:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe they are doing this for just one package. Where I live, you can't buy more than one at a time. Sometimes I think they can't see the forest for the trees. It reminds me of not being able to take any drinks on the plane for your child. They are punishing all of us for the actions of a small few.


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