Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I have a flag. I asked for it for Christmas a few years ago. First I got the pole....next the silk....but now I need weights to make it just right.

Its been 13 years since I last marched. I miss it. Every fall, the air gets crisp and the band calls to me. It rains...marching band weather...it snows...marching band weather...it hails...yes, I've even marched in that kind of weather.

Even though I'm a little older, I still love the feel of a drop spin in my hand, a butterfly and even a toss. But it just isn't quite right without the right weights. Roger says he'll pick me up a few at the hardware store. Then, maybe, I'll be ready...to teach the neighbor kids. If I can convince Morgan to skip trying out for cheerleading and go for color guard, then I'll be really happy.

BTW--Regionals was tonight, and so that's why I'm really waxing nostalgic. Seeing the A-West letter jackets made me smile. I enjoyed watching DC, even though they didn't place where they wanted to, and Pooles can now understand why the metronome at Arapahoe just kept going...2nd place is just like first since we all ignore Pomona anyway. Nice to see you, Opie. Maybe next year, my kids will even make it to retreat.


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