Saturday, April 15, 2006

Her Gift

Did the smell of the perfume she had poured on His head
Waft through the Upper Room that night
As John leaned over to talk to Jesus?

As He prayed in the garden for another way
Was He reminded of the anointing she gave Him
and the honor in that precious gift?

Was the scent of that perfume
Still there as the guards led Him away
So the betrayer could ponder it?

When He was judged by the high priest
And lied about and called blasphemer
Did they smell something sweet in the air?

Could they smell just a touch of the scent in His hair
As they pushed in the thorns
And threw on the robe?

Was there even a hint of the aroma of love
left after He was beaten and bruised
and hanging there?

Did this anointing for burial just days before
cling desperately to Jesus
hoping for its appointed moment?

When they came to the tomb, and they ran in to see
I imagine they were overwhelmed by the very same scent
She had honored Him with--Her gift!

MM 2006


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