Friday, February 03, 2006


  1. I did get my hair cut. I cut off about 6 inches. Hardly anyone has noticed. That's the way it goes when your hair is long, I guess.
  2. This is my hundredth post. I'm almost at the 6 month mark
  3. Roger and I leave for our retreat tonight...and as of yet, Alex is still refusing a bottle. Grandma got him to take about 2 ounces from a cup yesterday. Please pray that it goes well for Grandma as well as the kids.
  4. Katrina watched Charlie Brown Christmas again this morning.
  5. Alex is scheduled for surgery on March 1.
  6. I'm still considering a part time job, but nothing has panned out yet.
  7. I did finally go see Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley. I liked most of it. I found that a) when you are used to a 6 hour miniseries, a 2 hour movies seems BREAKNECK. b) Ms. Knightley did better than I expected c) the male lead did not live up to the expectations I had for Mr. Darcy. d) the setting was more dirty and informal e) I hated the last scene.
  8. I'm rooting for the Seahawks in the SuperBowl because they used to be AFCWest, they've never been before, and my sscooRW ties to me to Washington state--and yeah, and my dad was born in WA. I have no ties to Pennsylvania.

Hope you have a great day! I'm sure planning to.


At 12:18 PM, Blogger Mellifluous said...

um...yeah...i guess i have an aunt & uncle in Penn...but i still say Go Seahawks!


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