Thursday, February 09, 2006

Overalls can be dangerous

My friend MLE is coming to visit me soon! Yay! So, I've been thinking about her visits in recent years. One visit about 6 years ago taught me something very important about overalls.

I never really wore overalls until I was married. Roger said I'd look cute in them, so as a loving wife I finally ran out and bought some. MLE and her sister C stayed with us in our apartment, and we decided to check out the White Fence Farm. Yummy food and fun time! So, before we headed back to our side of town, I headed to the ladies' room.

I was in a rush to get back to my friends, so I didn't really pay close attention to what I was doing. I heard a splash. Now, in my mind, I found this out before I used the bathroom, but I may have been so grossed out that I have cleansed the story like I cleansed that strap in the bathroom sink for the next few minutes. But, it was still damp when I finally emerged from the bathroom, and so please, you who wear overalls, be careful out there!


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