Sunday, June 29, 2008

The evils of email

I've had an email account for 16 years or so, and I have noticed that as nice as email is to have to keep in contact with friends who are living far, far away in Peru or somewhere amazing like that, it has some serious drawbacks. There are things that shouldn't be left to email.

I keep learning this over and over.

I learned that you can't tell tone of voice over email. I learned this as Rog and I were planning our wedding long distance.

I learned that sometimes its better to JUST GET OFF MY REAR and go discuss something with a colleague instead of emailing back and forth trying to get a job done. I learned this at small software company located out of Redmond, WA (SSCLOORW) with my dear friend Kellieo.

There are some things that should be said face to face. Or at the least, voice to voice.

A few things that shouldn't be said in email...

"We are unsatisfied with your work"
"I've heard a rumor about you"

Both are serious and both should have opportunity for immediate response.

I love to write, and I pride myself (so here's my pride problem) in being able to communicate well with words. If I didn't think so, I sure wouldn't have a blog. But if you don't already know me, you might take something I said wrong. Or if you don't know me well. Or even if you do know me well. As I've been emailing with some new folks that I'm ministering with, I realize that they don't know me yet. My jokes fall flat...because they might just think I'm being smug. And then I worry that I'm taken wrong. (ok, I have a worry problem too)

So this amazing thing called the internet can be very difficult on relationships. I haven't mastered it AT ALL in 16 years. And I wonder if I'm really meant to...or if maybe I need to build more relationships face to face and voice to voice.


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