Monday, August 27, 2007

Me vs. the cricket

This is the part of summer I dislike....well, besides the heat. Bugs. So, I know I'm sheltered because bugs here aren't the biggest, and thankfully the snow comes and they die!

I was picking up some toys by the window and I saw a cricket. I jumped pretty high...then I tried to calm myself down. Its only a cricket. I raised one in elementary school for science. It will be just fine.

I found something to put over it...but it hopped away. Those little buggers are quick. Eventually, not without a little squealing and frustration, I got the cricket outside my house...I thought. It was between the screen and the wood door. I even put something in the corner to try to catch it if it came back in through a crack.

Not 5 minutes later its in my house again! ARG! I didn't want to kill it the first time, but now I didn't care. I hit it with my broom, and knocked it around, but it was still alive. finally, I got it in something and took it further outside. And I put bug spray in the corner outside where it came in.

so, if I won...then why do I still have the creepy crawlies?


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