Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Speaking of

Broncos....preseason started last night.

We won our game against San Fran which, of course, is supposed to mean nothing since its preseason....but really, it still makes me happy.

I've been reading Andrew Mason's blog on the denverbroncos.com website, so I'm up on what has been going on recently. Personally, some of it is still over my head. On a women's scale of football knowledge, I'd say I'm a 7+, but on a men's scale, I'm probably about a 4. I'm not into stats and all that. And I don't follow anyone, but my Broncos.

(I might follow the UNC Bears if they get covered well enough this year. Now that they've transitioned to Division One, I hope they will get more than a tiny random paragraph in the Rocky Mountain News.)

So I have a long sleeved Broncos shirt, but not a short sleeved. I've been looking for one. And I'm wondering why a lady would wear a pink Broncos shirt...and not the home colors? I mean, even "predominantly orange" can be feminine. Only my 4 year old would insist on pink...but then she told me she wants only pink clothes.... I guess it would be easier to match.

Give me Orange and Blue in my closet.... :) Happy Football season!


At 3:27 PM, Blogger Emily said...

THANK YOU!!! cindy and i get so frustrated with the catalog we get of "official denver bronco" stuff- and all the good things are MENS sizes because someone thinks women only wear pink and powder blue with sequins!!!!

also, please send me an email with your phone number- long story... i'll tell it to you when i have your number and call you!!!

love you lis!


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