Thursday, April 27, 2006


Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya're only a day away.

Things I'm looking forward to
Eating a hot meal with no one wanting to taste my food or ask me to get up and get them anything.
Sleeping through the night...uninterrupted
Taking a shower when I want to
Girl time
Chick Flicks
Spiritual Refreshment
Coming home to a family that missed me


At 12:16 PM, Blogger Emily said...

oh, hon- i love you! i wish i lived close enough to be able to offer you some assistance with a few of those things. Your decision to become a wife and then a mother was truly a decision of sacrifice (even if you *didn't* realize the full extent of the sacrifice at the time), and i pray that you will receive blessing and refreshment and affirmation from unexpected sources on a daily basis. And, just for the record, *I* miss you. :)
(And, as a soapbox note, anyone who says that "staying home to 'just' be a housewife" isn't a worthy and demanding occupation isn't connected to reality in any way, shape or form.)


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