Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Going on 3 years...

since I've worked for pay.

As I look at all my job ideas to do part time work, and that none of them has panned out, I wonder if it will happen yet again.

I have an opportunity to teach a Moms and Babes class--just kind of a fun, topical class for new mothers--and it would start the first week of May. Problem is, only 1 person has signed up. So, if we don't get at least 2 more people by Friday, than I guess that I'll have to file this one--at least for now.

Once my son is weaned, it will be easier to work. So, what do I want to do? Stay home. But what do I want to do to help pay off some debt? I could go back to subbing, which I loved when I did it. I enjoy working with high schoolers...but now I'm used to just our youth kids, I may find it more challenging to deal with the interesting characters they go to school with. I could get certified to teach breastfeeding classes. I think I could be good at this, but there is some upfront costs. I could attempt to get some students who need tutoring. I guess there are more ideas than that, but the question is..."What does God want from me?" And "What would I be motivated enough to pursue?"


At 9:30 PM, Blogger GeekTeach said...

Tutoring in English and Spanish I would hope... I should ask an English-teacher-that-I-know if that qualifies as a misplaced modifier. ;)


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