Thursday, January 26, 2006

Direct Access

I have this shirt...its a light color denim and its long...and I love to wear it. It is one of my many, many Softie shirts that I got for free when I worked at sscooRW (small software company out of Redmond, WA). Anyway, Direct Access had something to do with software partners and the Denver part was run by my friend Matt who had a theme song for me. However, I digress.

Direct Access
I love to wear it because it is so freeing
I have Direct Access to God
No middle one telling me what I can and can't tell Him
I don't have to wait to call him when I get home
No waiting in line
no busy signals (or ads telling me that I'll be notified when He's available for only 95 cents)
no curtain between me and Him that I can only cross once a year with a rope tied around my ankle in case he strikes me dead
I'm totally unworthy, and through Christ He gives me Direct Access.

Yeah, I may not have the most Direct Access to my sscooRW anymore, but I have the most amazing Direct Access anyone could ever ask for.


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