Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Messy Christmas

Life is messy. People, their emotions, relationships....all messy. And Christmas is messy...piles of wrapping paper, loads of gifts, heaps of goodies. But that first Christmas was the messiest of all.

Count back and you can see that baby's conception and the wedding don't match up. Then a long trip by donkey at 9 months pregnant. Giving birth in a stable. No clean white sheets or stringent smells. We're talking manure...

were you born in a barn, and Christ would have to say, "why yes, I was".

So where did we get the idea that we need a plastic Christmas celebration?


At 12:32 PM, Blogger Emily said...

lis- i know that you are lamenting the decreased blogging of your friends, and i am guilty as charged. but i wanted to make sure you know how much i am truly blessed by your writing. i think of things i want to write a million times a day, but logging in and doing it isn't something i can do on the fly while working. but checking your blog IS. and i check it often and usually read every entry multiple times.

your thoughts are a bright spot in my days, and i thank you for being the person you are, and sharing a little bit of it with all of us.

and, i'll try to write at least once a week...


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