Saturday, November 26, 2005

Disney parents

So, we watched Finding Nemo on Thursday night, and it came back to me that in most Disney movies(animated), one or both parents are dead or missing...what's up with that?

Finding Nemo--Mom's been eaten
Cinderella--Mom's dead and Dad is either missing or dead--Stepmother is wicked
Little Mermaid--Mom unmentioned
Beauty and the Beast--Belle's mom is unmentioned
--The Prince/Beast's parents are unmentioned
Snow White--Mom's dead--stepmother wicked again
Sleeping Beauty--both parents alive, but raised by fairies
Monsters Inc--Boo's parents not mentioned
Toy Story and Toy Story 2--Dad unmentioned
Lion King--Dad murdered
Bambi--both parents die
Dumbo--Dad unmentioned
Aladdin--Jasmine's mom dead Aladdin--parents unmentioned (presumed dead)
The Incredibles--WOW! Really? Both parents alive and mentioned!
Atlantis--I can't recall--irrelevant perhaps
The Jungle Book--Mowgli's parents missing/dead
101 Dalmatians--All the other puppies had parents at one point...but Pongo and Pretty are ok.
Lady and the Tramp--Irrelevant?
The Jungle Book--Mowgli's parents missing/dead
Tarzan--Both parents killed
Pocahontas--unclear and irrelevant?
Fantasia--how old is the wizard's apprentice? hmmmm

OK, so I like Disney movies, but I wonder...what does this tell kids?

Also--I realize there are movies that I haven't mentioned...mainly because I don't recall or haven't seen them.


At 4:32 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Today they complain that violent movies are whats screwing with the kids. Well their generation grew up with Disney movies, and divorce rates are at their highest ever and always growing.


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