Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Public Thanksgiving Acknowledgement

Today I would like to give public praise, thanksgiving, and acknowledge God for the safety of my sweet 2 1/2 year old girl! Thank You God with all that I am!

It was our first time to visit the Breakfast Food play area at the Cherry Creek Mall. After going the wrong direction at first, we finally passed Santa and the Narnia Snow Globes and found the Stapleton Kid's Kourt. What fun! Huge bacon slices and sausages, a banana, waffles, and a bowl of Shredded Wheat biscuits all for kids to play on. It was already crowded despite the fact that the mall had only opened 5 minutes earlier. I found my mentor mom, Gwen, and after chatting for a few minutes, Michelle and her girls, Noelle and her mom and boys arrived together.

I had been nervous to park my stroller at the entrance of the play area. The seats near it were all full, so I picked an open spot where I could see the entrance and my stroller across the staircase and there would be room for all of us. After everyone arrived, I decided I'd better move my stroller close to us, so I wouldn't have to watch two things at once. Katrina played well, staying near me at first, but then getting more adventurous.

Michelle and I were chatting. She had her eyes on 3 kids today, so she and I would stand up or move a little to see our kids. Moms are used to the strange conversations that come in bits and pieces when they are busy watching kiddos. I saw Katrina head out of my sight...and I waited a minute. But then I got up and headed to where I could see her...but where was she?

As Katrina got dressed this morning, I took notice of what she was wearing. It's psycho the way I sometimes think--I want to put her in something I can find her in. I looked at the purple/pinkish sweatshirt she had chosen. Her blond curls would stand out against that. If anything happened to her, what color would I say that shirt was. Yes, psycho...I'm not planning for anything to happen, but in our world today, you have to know what your kid looks like and is wearing.

Well, now my parental nightmare seemed to be a reality and the panic crept in like an Orc. Where is she? "Jesus Please!" That was my prayer...just two words. My eyes darted back and forth! I stumbled to the entrance and asked a lady near there if she'd seen a little girl in a purple sweatshirt. Then back again, I called to my friends. "Katrina is missing, can you help me look for her?"

They were all up in an instant scanning the groups of kids. I had only taken my eyes off her for a did she get out without me seeing? Had someone taken her? I walked back to the seat and looked up to see her at the top of the marble staircase in her socks. I vaulted over the planter and up the stairs. A lady stayed next to her until I got there. With my arms around her and my voice in a tone she'd never heard before and neither had I, I held her close and told her how worried I had been. "Will you forgi'e me?" she asked innocently "Oh yes, sweetheart, I forgive you!"

It was a long 5 minutes. I'm so thankful for my friends who held my baby and helped me look. It seems that the greater danger for her was slipping down those marble stairs than my panic that she had been taken, but God protected her from both. I can't explain the shock, panic, and then amazing relief that took place, but He knows, and I thank Him!


At 3:42 PM, Blogger Emily said...

okay, lissa, maybe it's pms, or maybe it's bc i have always been able to put myself emphathetically into another person's shoes, maybe it's bc i've known and loved you since i was born, and maybe it's bc i've also been very good at instantly envisioning future scenarios and the pain or joy that may accompany them, but i'm wiping away tears right now. it's a cliche anymore, but life IS so precious.

Praise Jesus for his protection. And btw, i'll never again roll my eyes at a mother critiquing (sp?) her child's clothing with a mind toward remembering it for a missing persons report... when i think about trying to remember "what was kirsten wearing this morning?" when i'm babysitting, i usually have a hard time remembering... i love you, dear friend! May God continue to protect and provide for you and your family.

At 9:29 PM, Blogger Sherrie said...

For every breath ... we depend upon Him for every breath.

Thank you for your story that brings such important perspective to our lives. Love, Sherrie


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