Monday, October 31, 2005

"I feel stretched...

like chocolate pudding scraped over too much ham!"

Yes that is my favorite line from "The Lord of the Beans"--the new VeggieTales video. Any LOTR aficionado would get a kick out of this fun parody--yes Toto Baggypants is on a quest to find out what he should do with his gift--a magic bean that combines the gifts of the 4 other magic beans into one. We haven't played with all of the DVD extras yet, but I also enjoyed the 6 minute "Veggie Commentary" done by Larry (as Earacorn), Jimmy (as Legolamb), and Pa Grape (as Grumpy the dwarf)--it made me laugh. I highly recommend this whole DVD even if it does have the feature song sung by Wynonna (I really don't care for country music).

Go out and buy The Lord of the Beans or at least rent it.

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