Monday, October 17, 2005


I love personality tests! I love to take them...I love to second guess why I chose what I did...I love to see what the tests say about who I am.

I just took a new one a few days ago, and I'm a Green--Peacekeeper. My second color was a Yellow--Promoter. I was surprised that I didn't come up with my second color as Blue--Planner. I think sometimes I act Blue because I was raised by a Blue and my sister is a Blue. I am definitely not a Red--Producer This is the People Skills Series, and there is also a book about kids, that I may just ask for for Christmas.

In another test I was a Golden Retriever. The most intensive test I've taken was the Myers-Briggs in which I first tested as an ENFP, but I may also be an ENFJ.

I find the analysis of my personality well as why I relate to others the way I do, and why I struggle with some people more than others. I believe that God made us the way we are, and we have a particular bent, but that isn't an excuse to keep us from learning and growing in areas of our life. Knowing yourself can help you overcome relationship challenges and even some internal conflict.

So, every time I get a chance, I'll take another test.


At 9:36 PM, Blogger GeekTeach said...

And also maybe because you're married to a blue?!?!! (Yeah, she may like to take them, but that just means that her INXJ husband that hates them also gets to take them.)

At 12:14 AM, Blogger Sherrie said...

There's an incredible interplay of our our social (or personality style), our character and values, our birth order, our spiritual gift(s), our passions, our love language, our natural abilities, our deference to the Spirit, our life expereinces, our leadership style, and our living circumstances that combine in a unique way to make us who and how we are. I am intrigued by all of this as well.

I think it is important to discover how all of these things come together and thus reveal our creative and best purpose for which God has designed each of us so uniquely.

Here's one which is very fast and incredibly revealing (similar to myers briggs, but a bit expanded ...

Happy pondering!

At 10:54 AM, Blogger Mellifluous said...

According to the test Sherrie mentioned, I'm an ESTJ. I then proceeded to take the Keirsey 2 which labeled me as an Idealist--which put me back at either ENFJ or ENFP (you have to pay to get more info). So, I must be pretty borderline S/N. Thanks for the lead on another test, Sherrie.

BTW...there is another test I've taken online called the Platinum Rule, but I always felt that it was dissing Jesus' Golden Rule by saying it wasn't good enough, so I struggled with the name of it. The test itself was good though.


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