Wednesday, September 14, 2005

"Totally inadequate...just like you should be"

Today, after a busy day, I found myself feeling totally inadequate. It's funny how I was at the end of my small group rope wondering if shepherding is really my spiritual gift. So, then I checked messages--God just called to confirm that in my inadequacy, he has me right where he wants me. OK, so he used one of his kids to tell me--"I've been praying that you'd be a small group leader in my group." So, now I'm shepherding 3 different small groups, which is totally beyond me, and God is completely happy with it. May He be glorified--let the credit be HIS--if anyone feels loved or learns something.

Spiritual de ja vu Haven't I learned this before, heard this before, doesn't this sound familiar like I read it in a book? And yet it's happening to me. Hmmmm


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