Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I grew up with a sister and a mom at home. My folks are divorced, so I didn't have a male in the house until I got married. Now, I've got a daughter....and I know about girls, but I've also got a son. To be honest, I never paid much attention to little boys...so now I wonder what I've been missing.

So I read Dobson's "Bringing Up Boys" and learned a lot about how men have been maligned over the past few decades and how much of that I didn't realize was part of my own thinking...I'm proud to be a woman, but I don't have to bash men to be glad about who God made me.

Now I want to know (in all honesty and absolutely NO male bashing) what is cool about boys? Hopefully you can tell me without bashing girls in the process. I'd love all the feedback I can get.


At 10:25 PM, Blogger Connor Walsh said...

Just to start. We are passionate for life in all aspects: God, women, education, sports, especially competition. We LOVE competition. It doesn't matter between who. It could be one group one day and another the next, we don't care. That's why we play Halo, hence competition.

We also love strategy and stealthiness (word?). Cops and robbers, cowboys and indians. We actually do love secrets. And most of us love to know that theres more in life than drugs, sex, alcohol, and money. The ideal of chivalry fascinates most of us.

We love pretty things. Not necessarily by the world's standards, but nonetheless. Especially cars. They are like our wild beast to be tamed. Some guys like Ferraris, other people, like Nathan, think that his car is the prettiest car in the world. We also likes guns and weapons of any kind. (Sorry, it's true. I think it goes back to competition.)

Um... as I think up more, I will let you know.

At 8:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since I just had a son, I gotta say, everything is cool about boys! We married them, didn't we? They bring a completely different perspective to life, a different side of each story. And what is cool is that we can raise them to be good fathers, husbands, etc., based on what we know from our experiences as women!

This may not be true, but I almost think life is a little less stressful for boys. Less pressure.

I thought it would be easy to answer this question, but it turns out to be as difficult as telling someone how great it is to be a mom.


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