Friday, November 14, 2008


Yesterday, a small home project went awry....and I ended up wet. Roger is very knowledgeable, and I trust him to do home projects at our place. He methodically checked and rechecked everything. I would sit and watch under the sink, and he would slowly turn on the water. I'd pound if there was even a drip....and he'd head back up to tighten some more.

I was putting the kids to bed, so Roger wouldn't be up all night working on the project. I went to put on my pajamas...and I said to myself, "If I put these on, I'll end up wet." I blew it off...and headed downstairs ready for relaxation time and bed.

Well, on my way down, I heard some words from Roger that I rarely hear. And I knew right away that I needed to turn off the water downstairs...but I had never paid attention to how to do that. So, instead, I got to kneel under the sink and be the boy in Hans Brinker....only instead of a hole in the dike, I was plugging the hot water valve with my finger as Roger ran down to turn it off. It was just a small oversight on his part, and he had it all fixed quickly, but we did have water all over the kitchen floor and seeping down into the basement.

So, I got to clean up the water in the basement, thanking God that I had put our Christmas decorations in plastic tubs, and this morning it's dry, and my biggest concern is if R2D2 (our 3D 18 inch high puzzle) made it.

No home project ever goes as planned, but I'm so thankful for my husband who fixes each problem at home with his logic and intelligence. Knowing how hard he works for us makes me not really mind being a little wet.


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