Sunday, October 12, 2008


Its 4 in the morning, and I'm awake. I've been up for a while now. After a week like I had, I really don't know if its my brain wanting me to work through some things, the fact that we plugged in our waterbed and I'm feeling warm, or God leading me to pray. I've tried the prayer time, but I feel so scattered. Maybe its a combination.

I did have a swell time last night. A bunch of youth leaders and some of the elders at our church disguised ourselves and "hid" at the mall. The students had to walk the mall and try to find us. It was a full night at the mall...since we had rather cold weather outside. Sitting for 2 hours trying to look inconspicuous is harder than you might think.

My outfit was not too different...I was trying to blend in. I went and got my hair styled, so that made it interesting. I wore makeup...which my family decided they didn't really like much. Hopefully I can post a picture that Roger took...but I better not wake him now. ;)


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