Wednesday, August 16, 2006


So, my posts as of late haven't been very thought provoking or deep or meaningful and that was starting to bother me. Have I ceased to think deeply? Am I really so busy that my brain isn't functioning that way? I don't think that is quite it. Mainly, I believe that my deep thinking hasn't resolved into anything that I can put on screen. Fleeting moments come and go, but I'm not recording them in my head for later use.

This reminds me of 8th grade Lang Arts in Mrs. Thomas' class. Mrs. Thomas was my favorite teacher. And no, Roger, she wasn't the touchy-feely let's find the symbolism type of English teacher. She pushed us hard! She focused a lot on sentence structure, grammar, sentence diagramming...all things I LOVE! One thing we had to do weekly was dictation. She would say a sentence 3 times, and we had to write it down on our test word for word. Talk about listening skills. I don't practice that anymore...not intense listening skills.

So, this is post 199...I should easiliy hit my 200th post by my year blogging anniversary. I'm hoping a few things might start to gel together by then for a thought provoking post...but I guess we'll see.


At 9:12 PM, Blogger Than Brown said...'s Saturday night, everyone is in bed except me, and I'm reflecting on our Cafe times after Elevation. It is funny - the little things you miss: Connor running at full speed around the room with a huge grin and not a care in the world, eating pasta or tacos, and catching up with some GREAT friends. Sometimes the most profound or deepest thoughts come in just remembering...

Thinking of you guys!


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