Wednesday, July 26, 2006

You use the weak to lead the strong!

Wow! This is so true. Roger and I have been a part of a great community of believers since we got has grown and changed a ton. Now with some changes in life for some friends, we have been asked to be on the leadership team. This is something we have not taken on in the past due to our calling to working with youth. Well, God confirmed to us that He is asking us to invest in Marriage Matters (our community name). I feel very weak...humbled. Its a good place to be. We've worked with youth all of our married life, and we plan to continue to work with High School by involvement in a small group this year. But it is so familiar. I can see already how God is going to use our new role to make me more dependent on Him. Its exciting, scary, challenging, and very cool! Thanks God for loving me enough to not let me stagnate.


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