Monday, January 16, 2006

I should buy stock in General Mills

My daughter eats Cheerios morning, noon and night. She will ask for it for every snack. If I didn't push a variety of foods, I think she might have Cheerios and nothing else for many many meals without stop. She doesn't have them with milk on them...just plain. She does drink her yummy milk in a cup when she eats them however. Also, her 2nd choice is Kix. She knows where to find the cereal and is happy to get it out without asking. I admit I haven't introduced her to many other cereals...most of which we call Daddy's Reeses or anything sugary. She is a good eater...she'll try most anything especially when we bring up Green Eggs and Ham, but Churyos ranks up there...In fact I'd say it is its very own food group.


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